Welcome to 2018-2019 School Year!

****Our website has moved.  Please visit http://www.ps-347.org***

PS 347 is a dual language school dedicated to bridging the Deaf and hearing communities in NYC. Our PK-8th grade students come from every borough. The majority are Children of Deaf Adults (CODAs). We offer the LEAST RESTRICTIVE environment for Deaf students in the NYC DOE.

Our Reggio-Emilia inspired Pre-K program was established more than two decades ago, and our master teachers guide our youngest students to become emotionally-responsive observers of themselves, the world, and others.

To contact the school administration:
David Thacker Bowell, Principal – dbowell@schools.nyc.gov
Maryanne Fisher, Assistant Principal – mfisher5@schools.nyc.gov
Karri Smolesnky, Attendance Coordinator  – ksmolensky@ps347.org
Terry Acevedo, Parent Coordinator – tacevedo@ps347.org
Rose Werner, Pre-School Coordinator – rwerner@ps347.org
Elliot Andreopoulos, Web Designer/School Media Specialist-eandreopoulos@ps347.org

To join our school community or ask a question:



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